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Binkey's My FSA | HSA Assistant is now available to help you quickly identify eligible health products as you shop. Enjoy the savings and never lose FSA funds ever again.




Why Binkey
was created


Out-of-pocket health expenses

About half a trillion dollars in out-of-pocket health expenses


Of FSA owners lose their money

50% of the millions of FSA account holders forfeit some or all of their money every year


Of employees sign up

Despite over 70% of employers offering FSAs, only 22% of employees sign up for this tax-advantaged account (primarily due to fear of losing funds)


Further with FSA | HSA funds

Tax-advantaged accounts like FSAs and HSAs offer an opportunity for people to save an average of 30% on health expenses

Let's make "losing" FSA funds a thing of the past

We dislike the concept of "use-it-or-lose-it" health benefit funds so much that we created a solution to make "losing-it" history! Binkey stands for benefits and incentives key. Binkey makes it easy to use and manage your FSA dollars for better health. Look for the Binkey payment button at checkout to save.

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Who we serve?

Expand your reach, accelerate your growth
Individuals & Families
Find, pay and save on health expenses with no stress
Employers and TPAs
Supercharge the value of your FSA and HSA benefits package

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