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The best online payment technology for FSA/HSA transactions

Binkey is the only SIG-IS approved third-party payment processor that provides online merchants with a proprietary, point-of-sale decisioning system for FSA/HSA-eligible expenses. Our product for businesses securely authenticates and processes online FSA/HSA transactions.

How It Works?

Binkey Payment Solution:
The Binkey payment solution enables your business to securely and seamlessly process FSA/HSA dollars as a form of payment at checkout. Our payment plugin handles all compliance related processes and allows you focus on running your business without having to deal with the complexities of handling FSA/HSA payments.

Binkey works in three easy steps:

Get an account

Setting up an account with Binkey is easy. Simply reach out to the Binkey sales team to get registered and get a merchant account up and running.

Connect and customize plug-in

Our out-of-the-box solution seamlessly integrates into your store. You can easily customize the features of the Binkey payment solution.

Start accepting FSA/HSA dollars

With Binkey, customers check out by using our simple and secure payment platform. Binkey also provides you with post-launch support to reach and acquire customers.

Binkey's FSA | HSA Shop:
Binkey provides your business with post-launch support, which consists of helping FSA/HSA account holders discover eligible products and services. Through the Binkey FSA | HSA Shop, customers can easily access products and services that can improve their health. Offering Binkey as a payment method at checkout provides your business with a new avenue to showcase your business on the marketplace.

Binkey works in three easy steps:

Build your Profile

Create your custom profile and amplify your message to customers to drive growth.

Connect with customers

Frame your business offerings with our easy to use platform and help customers discover your brand.

Grow your business

Drive more customers to your store and increase sales. Binkey makes it easy for you to reach more customers every year.